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Add API Types

We don't want to just return a comment as a string from an API. We want to return a comment object that contains the comment id, text, and creation date. So let's create a Comment type.

Create a Comment type

In Pothos you can specify the types for the underlying resource that the GraphQL object is backed by. This will vary depending on which database you chose.

  • DynamoDB Article.CommentTypeEntity
  • RDS SQL.Row["comment"]

In services/functions/graphql/types/article.ts, add the following above the ArticleType.

const CommentType = builder.objectRef<[specify type]>("Comment").implement({
fields: t => ({
id: t.exposeString("commentID"),
text: t.exposeString("text")

Here our CommentType is exposing the fields from a row in the comment table. It's also defining the type for those fields.

Update the Article type

We'll also add a comments field to the ArticleType. Replace the ArticleType with:

const ArticleType = builder.objectRef<SQL.Row["article"]>("Article").implement({
fields: t => ({
id: t.exposeID("articleID"),
title: t.exposeID("title"),
url: t.exposeID("url"),
comments: t.field({
type: [CommentType],
resolve: article => Article.comments(article.articleID)

Now when the API returns an Article with comments, we'll call the Article.comments() function from the core package. It'll fetch the comments from the database, and return a list of comments, ie. [CommentType].

Next, let's update our API to be able to add a new comment.