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Overview of the config module in the sst/node package.

import { ... } from "sst/node/config"

The config module has the following exports.


The properties let you access the resources that are bound to the function.


This module helps with loading Secrets and Parameters created in your SST app.

import { Config } from "sst/node/config";


When you import sst/node/config, it does two things:

  • For Secrets, Config performs a top-level await to fetch and decrypt the secrets values from SSM ie. /sst/{appName}/{stageName}/Secret/STRIPE_KEY/value. Once fetched, you can reference Config.STRIPE_KEY directly in your code.
  • For Parameters, Config reads the parameter values from Lambda environment variables, ie. process.env.SST_Parameter_value_APP_VERSION and assigns to Config.APP_VERSION.

Read more about how Config works in the chapter on Config.