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The @serverless-stack/resources package provides a set of additional CDK constructs necessary to build an SST app.


This package is usually installed together with @serverless-stack/cli.

# With npm
npm install @serverless-stack/cli @serverless-stack/resources --save-exact
# Or with Yarn
yarn add @serverless-stack/cli @serverless-stack/resources --exact

Note that, the version of these packages should be kept in sync.

Importing Constructs

You can either import specific constructs in your app.

import { Api } from "@serverless-stack/resources";

Or import them all.

import * as sst from "@serverless-stack/resources";

SST Constructs

SST comes with a two types of constructs.

Low-Level Constructs

These either extend or replace the native CDK constructs.

Higher-Level Constructs

These are higher level abstractions that wrap around multiple constructs to serve specific use cases.