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Render Results

Let's render our new comments feature.

Add the following below each article in web/src/pages/Article.tsx.

{article.title} - <a href={article.url}>{article.url}</a>

{ => (

onSubmit={async e => {
const fd = new FormData(e.currentTarget);
text: fd.get("text")!.toString(),
<input name="text" placeholder="Comment" />
<button type="submit">Submit</button>

This renders the comments and a comment form. The comment form calls addComment() when it's submitted.

Next, let's add the addComment Mutation above the createArticle Mutation.

const [, addComment] = useTypedMutation((opts: CommentForm) => ({
addComment: [
{ text: opts.text, articleID: opts.articleID },
id: true,
text: true

const [, createArticle] = useTypedMutation((opts: ArticleForm) => ({
createArticle: [


And finally, let's define the CommentForm type above ArticleForm.

interface CommentForm {
text: string;
articleID: string;

interface ArticleForm {


Now if you refresh the app, you should see the comment form on the page.

Comment form

Enter This is easy! as the Comment, and press Submit. You should see the new comment rendered on the page!

Add new comment

Our app is now ready to be shipped! So let's deploy it next.