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Editor Setup

Live Lambda Development offers a local development environment that lets you set breakpoints in your Lambda functions. This lets you debug your functions in your favorite IDE, while they are invoked remotely in AWS.

Breakpoint debugging

VS Code is one of the most popular editors in use today. You will find a launch.json file at the project root. It hooks up the Live Lambda Development with VS Code automatically and enables breakpoint debugging.

If you are using WebStorm or IntelliJ, you can follow these instructions to configure breakpoint debugging.


As you are typing, VS Code will auto-complete the property names in your SST code. You can also press CTRL + SPACE to bring up the auto-complete menu.

VS Code auto-complete

Inline examples

You can also find examples for each property. Simply hover over the property.

VS Code TS Doc


SST is a TypeScript-first framework. Your IDE finds problems in your code as you write, helping you fix them early.

VS Code Typesafe

Next, let's run our first migration and initialize our database.